Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Harper's Island Premieres Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night (April 9 at 10pm ET/PT) CBS will premiere it's new show Harper's Island.

In this 13-episode murder mystery, a group of family and friends travel to a secluded island for a wedding but fall prey to a murderer who kills them one by one. Every episode, someone is killed, and everyone is a suspect.

Mark H. Harris, of, has provided an overview with a cheat sheet of the main characters (there are 25 of them) in preparation for this event.

Here's a promo from CBS:

In fact, you can find a whole page of videos from CBS about the show here.

There's even a Pick the Victim Game you can play weekly. Enjoy!


suspense horror said...

never seen it, need to check it out.

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suspense horror said...

This looks like a good movie to me. You should rent it.