Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials in 3D

During the Super Bowl tomorrow you'll be able to see two 3D commercials. DreamWorks' Monsters vs. Aliens and PepsiCo's SoBe Lifewater will be featured in 3D on Super Bowl Sunday.

Traditional red-blue 3D glasses will not work with these clips. The commercials are being broadcast using ColorCode 3-D's amber-violet encoding system. That means you'll have to go out to a retail outlet near you and look for the bin of free ColorCode 3-D glasses, probably stuck somewhere near the Pepsi/SoBe display.

The list of shops where you will be able to find the Super Bowl 3D glasses include: Safeway/Vons, K-Mart, Ralphs, Kroger, A&P, Frys, Supervalu, Food Lion, Pathmark, Coburn, Fairway, Fresh Brands, Hy Vee, Nash Finch, Dollar General and Winnie Dixie.

Target and Meijers will have the 3D glasses only on January 31st.

The 3D Monsters vs. Aliens ad will be broadcasted along with the SoBe 3D spot at the end of the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

You will also have the opportunity to re-use your 3D glasses for a special 3D episode of NBC's hit comedy "Chuck," airing Monday, February 2, 2009 (8-9pm ET.)

DreamWorks' Monsters vs. Aliens, the Company's first InTru 3D release, opens nationwide March 27, 2009. InTru 3D is Intel's new system to create 3D footage for 3D Movie Theaters.

For more information, see this article from Time.

Enjoy the game - and the commercials!

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