Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Held Her in My Arms, Tightly

I held her in my arms, tightly.
Kissed her lips, ever lightly.
Twas my routine, nightly.
She was my love, so rare.

She’d be mine, forever.
Always I would have her.
Even though a cadaver.
Dead eyes, vacant stare.


Come now, darling, I’m feeling a bit randy.
Prop you up next to me, nice and handy.
Would you like a piece of candy?

Well that was cruel of me, what
With your lips sewn shut.
Pennies not for your thoughts,
But for your eyes
Since your demise.


You haven’t said a word
Since our latest tiff.
Though your body language is
Quite cold and stiff.

And we’ll have to do something about your hair,
And your complexion is much too fair,
(At least you no longer whine and yell)
And we’ll have to do something about that smell.


Copyright © 2008 by Bill Brewer, All Rights Reserved

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