Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quint's USS Indianapolis Speech from Jaws

As I'm sure most of you know, Quint's (Robert Shaw) speech about the USS Indianapolis was based on an actual event.


Unknown said...

Hi i was watching this video and i am doing a project on the USS indianapolis, i was curios if there was a way to download it so i could put the video on a keynote presentation. If not would you mind sending me the video at my email address
thank you i would really appreciate it

Bill Brewer said...

Hi Michael,

I don't host any videos on this site, so I don't have a file to email to you. The best I can suggest is to google and see what you can find. I know there are some re-enactments of the monologue on youtube.

Also, if you click on the USS Indianapolis link in the post it will take you to the official site, where you might find some additional information for your project.

Thanks for the comment and best of luck,