Monday, September 15, 2008

Introductory Remarks

BREWERBLOB is a general horror blog, containing movie clips and trailers, Friday Night Frights, literature, music, art, and more.

  • Friday Night Frights - each Friday a full length horror/sci-fi movie is featured. Many of these movies will open in a separate window when you click on the lighted FEATURE PRESENTATION sign. Some (not all) movies are from, and may not be viewable if you're outside the United States. If this is your situation, please see this link. (Note - additional full length movies are occasionally posted on other days as well)
  • Horror Music - the popout player opens in another window, to a jukebox of horror music.
  • CATEGORIES - click on any category to see all applicable posts. Categories of note include videos, which will display all posts with videos (including all full length movies); lists; Friday Night Frights; This Week in Horror; literature
  • Links - click on any link to go to that site
  • Archive - newest posts are at the top. You can drop down by month to see previous entries.
  • Recent Visitor Map - located at the bottom of the page, this world map displays the locations of recent visitors. Click on the map to see additional visitors.
  • Guestbook - please feel free to leave any comments/suggestions for this site, or just say hello. All comments will be viewable by all guests.

You can search all posts by using the search box located at the top of the blog.

Please note that all videos are hosted and provided by third party servers. No videos are hosted on this site. I check the links frequently for reliability , but if you come across one that is disabled, please leave a comment in the post and I'll try to find a replacement host. Thanks!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you find something frighteningly entertaining! I'll be posting regularly, so check back often for updates.

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