Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Jupiter 2 Will Lift Off 11 Years Ago Today

In the television show Lost in Space, the spaceship Jupiter 2 lifted off on October 16, 1997. To us kids in the 60's, when this show aired, that was so far out in the future that it was believable.

There were two pilot episodes for this liftoff. The original pilot episode (No Place To Hide), which never aired, did not feature either the robot or Dr. Smith (who was added later by 20th Century Fox as an antagonist), and the ship was named the Gemini 12. Much of the original footage was re-used in the first four televised episodes.
Watch No Place To Hide.

The first televised episode (The Reluctant Stowaway) aired on September 15, 1965. This pilot included Robot B9 and an evil Dr. Zachary Smith.
Watch The Reluctant Stowaway.

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